Seeking Thrills.
Defying my Limits.
I follow the Ride.
No Matter What.
Gregory RIDES.

About me

I am a 11 year old boy who has spent most of my skiing-life in Grindelwald, a mountain village in Switzerland. I live and breathe action sports. Freeskiing, mountain biking, skateboarding, riding my scooter, and when I’m at the beach, surfing. 

My dream is to become the best freeskier I can be so I can travel the world, riding the best parks, connecting with cool, like minded people, all while keeping true to myself and my values.

I am on my way to achieve my goals and dreams by competing and succeeding in freeski competitions across Switzerland, training hard with friends, family, and my team (Bern Freeski / BOSV) to become the best athlete I can be.

Gregory Wiedmer

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